Addressing Fitness Injuries

By tort attorney, Michael P. Ehline, Esq. – One of the worst issues for an athlete or person that works out is to suffer an injury. Anyone who is injured generally has similar feelings, since the body has suffered damage. Depending on the amount of damage the body or nervous system has suffered, and the degree of stress, can promote negative feelings, which can be in the form of depression, anger and other emotions.

Taking the Right Steps

After sustaining an injury, it is important to take the right type of actions, which ensure that the recovery period from the damage will be as short as possible and healing will be successful. There are some approaches to deal with a fitness injury that can help anyone that does not know what they should do when they have suffered harm.

Get Medical Care Immediately

The person that suffers an athletic fitness wound will find the most important positive action they can take is to seek medical attention. This is a crucial step, in order to heal as quickly and the to the best possible degree. It is important to obtain help from every avenue possible, especially if this is a first time athletic injury. Discuss your course of treatment and how to heal properly, including a possible referral to a sports psychologist.

This type of bodily harm is serious and should be treated as such by the individual that sustained the damage. The sports psychologist can use techniques and other treatments, with the goal of promoting recovery, which other medical professionals do not have the ability to use these methods of treatment. Caution should be used, when there are changes in your emotional state and your perspective, if you are severely restricted in activity, as this can decease healing time.

There are various types of wounds that can occur and some may cause the individual to remain immobilized or bedridden. In this kind of situation, it is important to be educated about the feelings that accompany this kind of damage. The reason it is essential to be knowledgeable about the feelings associated with these types of injuries, is being forced to remain in this kind of stillness can cause the loss of control in the persons’ life. This can be devastating and feeling that there is some degree of control is crucial for the individual’s welfare. Suspecting that you have lost most or all control in your life can lead to feelings of despair and other physiological conditions.


If it is possible to begin some level of activity, as soon as you are able, no matter what type of activity you are capable of doing, it is beneficial physiologically. Regular activity, at any level is not only imperative for your mental state of mind, it is also important for your physical condition. Movement will help to promote healing of the damage, and when the body begins to show signs of healing, the psychological issues often begin to diminish. The signs of improvement, even when small will have tremendous feelings of accomplishment.

When injured it is easy to have a downward spiral mentally, if attention is not paid to the emotional needs, as well as the physical treatment. How the individual that suffers an athletic injury will vary, since we each have different physiological outlooks and ways of handling issues. This is why education and knowledge will be helpful when dealing with damage to the body.