Toxic Chemical Attorneys of California

These are the more common toxic chemicals that can be hazardous to anyone exposed to them and cause serious neurological difficulties.

Toxic Chemical Attorneys of California

Toxic chemicals are more prevalent today than ever before due to environmental pollution, industrial accidents and exposure at work or other chemical causes. These chemicals can end up in the air, soil, water, drinks and foods. There are chemicals that can cause serious brain damage when the victims are exposed to them regularly. There are toxins that can attack the nervous system and are neurotoxins.

There are common toxic chemicals that can affect the health and can cause brain damage:

Lead Poisoning: Lead poisoning is one of the most common chemicals and mimics lead that the body needs to function, but it is poison to the human body. Lead poisoning is most common in young children and is usually put into the body by putting lead contaminated things in their mouths or living in homes or apartment buildings with lead paint. Lead poisoning can be toxic to people that are exposed to leaded gasoline, work in a factory and are exposed or live near a factory. The toxic affect of lead poisoning causes learning disabilities and lowers the IQ. There are other affects can be lethargy, irritability, hyperactivity, insomnia, seizures and coma. The kidneys, reproductive organs and digestive system can also be affected from lead poisoning.

Pesticides Poisoning: Pesticides are poisons used to kill both household and agricultural pests and can also be a toxic chemical to humans. Although these are toxic chemicals that are used to kill insects and some are organophosphates, which are a close relative to the chemicals, used in nerve agents. These are neurotoxins used by both the military and terrorists. The exposure to pesticides can include respiratory difficulties, muscle weakness, blurred vision, confusion, memory difficulties and hyperactivity. There has been research that has shown the exposure to pesticides is linked with Parkinson’s Disease. When the exposure to pesticides is at high enough toxic levels it can cause organ failure.

Carbon Monoxide: Carbon monoxide is a toxic chemical that is found in the exhaust from vehicles and other machines and smoke. When there is not enough ventilation, people are exposed to carbon monoxide from running vehicles in an enclosed space, such as a garage. They can also be exposed to carbon monoxide from furnaces and generators or being trapped inside of a burning building.  The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can cause depression, difficulties with motor skills, loss of short term memory, dementia and non-neurological symptoms. There can be Parkinson’s disease type of symptoms also from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Solvents: These are chemical solutions that can be used for a variety of reasons including things like dry cleaning. These are ammonia, benzene, chemical band detergents and dry cleaning chemicals that are all solvents. These are useful, but do not breakdown easily and can contaminate the environment. When solvents contaminate the environment they can last for decades and are extremely hazardous to humans. The affects of solvent exposure can cause headaches, confusion, balance difficulties, loss of vision, loss of consciousness, dementia, memory difficulties and attention deficit disorder.

These are the more common toxic chemicals that can be hazardous to anyone exposed to them and cause serious neurological difficulties. If you or a loved one has been exposed to toxic chemicals and have permanent damage from the exposure the Southern California brain injury attorneys of Ehline Law Firm have the experience, talent and skill it takes to hold the negligent party responsible and recover the best possible compensation. For a free consultation our toxic chemical injury attorneys can be contacted at 888-400-9721.